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Right next to the diamond seaside of Corfu, at the northern part of the island of Phaiakes, lies the area of Acharavi, a place of exquisite beauty.

Among Roda and Almiros, Acharavi is the largest village of Thinalia municipality and enjoys great tourist attraction.

In just 2 km away from Acharavi, in Almiros, upon one of the highest areas of the island, lies Mare e Monti villa.

The extended beach of this particular spot, one of the longest ones of the island, is very impressive.

Acharavi has been established as one of the most remarkable beach resorts.

Its natural beauty and sites are in harmony with its traditional style and individual attraction.

It is located about 40 km from the city, in a wonderful location at the foot of Pantokratoras, the highest mountain of the island, with 914 m elevation.

It can offer a variety of choices between relaxing and having fun and this is why it is highly regarded by tourists.

The route’s landscape is extremely pleasant, as you are crossing mountains and traditional villages.

Villa Mare e Monti - Nikos Nathanail.

Corfu, Almyros, Acharavi, P.C. 49100, Greece.

Τel.: +30 6974 48 30 28.,

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